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Acacia Logo

The Problem New startup business 'Acacia Building Approvals' required a logo and and branding which reflected the company name. The Solution Hello Digital developed a logo based on ...

ReMax Website

The Problem: We were asked to design a new website for a Brisbane real estate agency, in which they could present property listings and promote new ...

Roccoco Cosmetics

The Problem Roccoco Cosmetics is an Australian business producing a range of premium cosmetics for the beauty industry. The Solution Hello Digital developed a logo and associated product ...

Scott Earthmoving

The Problem Scott Earthmoving have been operating for many years out of Cooktown in far north, and required a new logo for stationary and their vehicles. The ...

Tender Document

The Problem A conservative NSW Government Department called for tenders and we were engaged to preparing a formal tender response document for Leightons. The Solution The document was ...

Latest News

Need a Social Media Masters Degree?

Go to LinkedIn or Twitter and you’ll find tons of people who claim themselves to be "social media experts". These are mostly self taught "gurus" who, ...

What’s in a Name

Selecting a name for your new business is not easy. A name does more than identify your company. It tells customers who you are, what you do, and more than a little about how you do it. Your name differentiates you from your peers, peaks customer interest, and invites further investigation -- if you do it right.

Importance of E-commerce Websites

The internet is swamping the world with the services it is providing for improving business and trade procedures. Nowadays the trends have changed so much that ...

Tips and Tools on How to Grow Your Twitter Following

Growing a large following is something many new Twitter users struggle with. They see all these big accounts with 20, 50 or even 100K followers ...

Whats the Difference Between a Font and Typeface?

Aren’t they the same thing? After being shot down by an over enthusiastic designer for calling a typeface a font to a client over the phone this particular developer would now disagree.

What You Should Know About Website Statistics

It’s important to track a few key statistics on a regular basis and not get lost in the sea of numbers.  What are the most important?  Read on… 1) ...

10 CSS shorthand techniques you’ll use everyday

CSS shortland is a technique of writing mulitple declarations and values in a single line of CSS code. The advantages of using shorthand is to ...

15 Major Brands Rebrand

We follow on the theme of rebranding by major brands by having a quick roundup. Following on from the calamitous Pepsi rebrand here are 20 ...

The Designer’s Cross-Training Toolkit

I watched a TV documentary the other day about a professional soccer player. As well as his normal soccer training he mixed in training in ...

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